Holiday in Europe - Best Cities to Visit

Most of everyone's favourite cities in Europe are beautiful - Cambridge, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rome, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Salzburg - these cities vibrate in everyone with their certain qualities. Postcard writing is a fabulous way to keep family back home updated on the different cities and countries you visit and to give them little morsels of your travels. You can even individual postcards on site like this. There is so much to see, and a postcard can help them get an inkling of the feelings you're experiencing.


A Full Spectrum of Highlights

One of the first essential qualities of many Europe cities is water. City rivers simply call attention to themselves. For instance you can stare down the Thames, the longest river in England and which has 3 areas of outstanding natural beauty, without being certain that it is moving at all. Other people will say it’s the spires of cities making the skyline that attract them, from 13th century cathedrals to 21st century skyscrapers. The Scott Monument in Edinburgh, the spire of St Stephan's in Vienna, Westminster Cathedral in London and the 2 most beautiful crowns of Copenhagen - the spire on the old Stock Exchange and the spire of the Church of our Saviour.

Some people will say the best cities to visit are those which have a heart - a city square. The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain is a miracle of harmony and proportion. It is in Venice where you'll discover those awesome small square and courtyards complete with water fountains and sidewalk cafes. In fact, few of the best cities to visit in Europe are without these quaint squares and courtyards.

Amazing Experiences

What about the tiny Mont St Michel, a medieval city in Europe which has remained virtually unchanged century after century? It was only in 2013 that an elevated road was completed, making the city accessible 24/7. Up until that time, you could only reach the town during low tide by crossing the tidal basin before the tide turned.

A holiday in Europe gives you a lifetime of choices. There are so many amazing cities to be visited in Europe; there is no doubt that you will have a brilliant time with each. Remember if you want to plan a route that takes you to the best Europe offers, there are many travel experts who offer guides on the Internet on the top 10 cities to visit as well as what to do, see and where to stay

(Source: Rome Skyline (Bert Kaufmann/Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0))

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