Kamala provides a haven for those who prefer the quieter life. Although the southern end of the beach can get busy in the high season, the northern end is peaceful all year round. Friendly service and village feel and a diversity of restaurants and small bars can be found on this small road. Cheaper food options/market stalls can be found on the main Kamala Road.

If you are looking to spend most of the time on the beach enjoying the sea, this is a very good place to be. The beach is quite nice and is not too crowded. The sea floor is nice and sandy. In the afternoons the water spectacularly recedes leaving a blanket of rocks at the left end of the beach for local fishing and a beautiful swimming area at the right end of the beach. Just a little distance away from Villa Tranquillity on Kamala beach, you won't be able to avoid a Thai massage. Even if you're not comfortable with a full body massage, don't miss out on a heavenly foot massage.

Catching the song thaew to Phuket Town or further is a cheap cultural experience for travellers unwilling to pay the cost of taxis or tuk-tuks. The bus is fantastic and cheap, if you are willing to share it with curious locals. In Kamala the bus runs every hour and passes along the main road. You need only to flag it down and jump through the back. You pay the driver at the end of your journey.

Kamala is not as vibrant and commercial compared to Patong and Kata; expect culinary choices, and, opening hours, for that matter, not to be as generous and wide compared to the former. Some restaurants begin to close at 9pm, which is unheard of further south.

There are quite a few restaurants and places to see in Phuket near beach. Usually they show some fresh fish and seafood on ice, where you can choose exactly what to eat.

There are several bars near to Villa Tranquillity on Kamala beach, most designed to suit the tourists who flock to Phuket in the tourist season. For example, the Welsh Bar and the Aussie Bar are bars that have a certain patriotic atmosphere, but are rather quiet in the off-season. Bob's Bar is located on the main road, towards the south end of the beach and provides standard cocktails as well as exotic original cocktails, notably the "Kamala Sunset", a concoction designed by Bob himself.

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