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Jimbo Wales

aka Jimmy Wales

  • I live in Florida and London
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Internet guy
  • I am Male

This is my travel schedule.

Completed Trips 2006

This page is currently a bit out of date. I am not routinely updating it at the moment.

San Francisco, California: 5-9 December 2006Edit

Wikia board meeting, working at Wikia, various meetings

London, England: 8-10 January 2007Edit

Conference called "Moving Young Minds"

Rotterdam, Netherlands: 11-13 January 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 15-20 January 2007Edit

Wikia board meeting, working at Wikia, various meetings

Davos, Switzerland: 25-28 January 2007Edit

New York City, New York: 31 January - 2 February 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 4-10 February 2007Edit

Delhi, India: 23 February - 3 March 2007Edit

meeting Wikians in Chennai on 25-Feb-2007

Tokyo, Japan: 4 March - 2 April 2007Edit

Living and working in Japan, trying to meet the Japanese wikipedia and wikia communities, etc.

Spartanburg, South Carolina: 10 April 2007Edit

Richmond, Virginia: 11 April 2007Edit

Orlando, Florida: 12 April 2007Edit

South Africa: 13-21 April 2007Edit

According to Jcw69, Jimbo and "Internet law expert Lawrence Lessig, a founder of Creative Commons, is going to speak at Africa's first Digital Freedom Expo to be held at the University of the Western Cape on 19 to 20 April 2007. The expo aims to promote the use of free software and free or open content, including showcasing the business opportunities created by free operating systems, applications and tools."

iCommons party 2007-04-20 20:00 at the Independent Armchair Theatre.

Australia: 22-28 April 2007Edit

Will speak at seminars in Adelaide on April 23, Perth on April 24, Sydney on April 26 and Melbourne on April 27.

San Francisco, California: 9 May 2007Edit

Board meeting

Houston, Texas: 10 May 2007Edit

Bamberg, Germany: 16-18 May 2007 Edit

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 1-3 June 2007Edit

Dubrovnik, Croatia: 15-17 June 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 20 June 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 30 July 2007Edit

Taipei, Taiwan: 3-5 August 2007Edit

Wikimania 2007

Dalian, China: 4-6 September 2007Edit

Young Global Leaders

San Francisco, California: 20 September 2007Edit

Los Angeles, California: 15 October 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 18 October 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 14 November 2007Edit

San Francisco, California: 12 December 2007Edit

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