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Welcome to World Wikia. We're building the largest directory of travel information that you can edit. There are a wide variety of sub-topics and new ones are always welcome. Feel free to leave a suggestions on the Community Portal.

Several years ago when Wikia Travel started, some people asked why it was needed, as Wikipedia already had articles about San Francisco, Boston, Paris and other cities. The need is clearer now, as Wikia Travel offers travelers an excellent one page summary on thousands of countries, cities etc.

Similarly, when Wikia started, it wasn't clear why it was needed, as Wikipedia already had an article about each Star Wars movie. The need is clearer now, as Wookiepedia, hosted by Wikia, offers over 36,000 pages on Star Wars.

World Wikia's goal is to provide an open directory of travel content on a wide variety of topics, including city guides, travel information, how to collect frequent flier miles and more. We intend to provide more depth in content and opinions to people who want something other than a NPOV (Neutral Point of View). There are many travel niches which need comprehensive info (i.e. seniors, family, kosher, gay, etc.) and we aim to address these areas.

World Wikia makes its content available under GFDL, a copy left license which allows users to freely share any content created here with Wikipedia and other MediaWiki projects that use the same license.