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Taiwan (official name: Republic of China) is an island nation of East Asia.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

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hill Eighteen Peaks is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan East, is one of Taiwan's small 100 Mountains. The highest point about 130 meters. The mountain has 18 hills, this is the "18 peaks". Eighteen peaks has become a place for hiking movement of Hsinchu citizens, also in the early morning will do gymnastics. Baoshan mouth mountaineering fraternity street from the trailhead is about 5 km.


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Getting to TaiwanEdit

Exploring TaiwanEdit

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Practical information and resourcesEdit

  • Currency: New Taiwan Dollar
  • Official language: Mandarin
  • Time zone: CST (UTC+8)
  • Electricity: 110 volts/ 60 cycle AC


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