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Sierra Leone, or Salone as the locals might say, is a beautiful country on the West African Coast. Freetown is its largest city and its usual port of entry. Lungi Airport is north of Freetown across the bay. Bo is the second largest city to the south east of Freetown. Besides the cities many live out in the "provinces" or the "bush".

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

There are two hotels near Lungi Airport.


The Cotton Tree. Fourah Bay College.



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Getting to Sierra LeoneEdit

BMI via London. Lungi Airpot.

Exploring Sierra LeoneEdit

Poda Podas. Freetown Peninsula. Rogbere Junction. Port Loko. Ferry from Tagrin to Kissy serves Lungi Airport. The ferry runs are scheduled to serve arrivals at Lungi.

Practical information and resourcesEdit

Money exchange at Lungi Airport or on the streets of Freetown. Visa for Sierra Leone.


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