Seattle is a city in Washington State.

Getting In Edit

Seattle is a big city, so it is a common and popular destination for many drivers, regardless of the time of day or night. Hitchhiking in Washington State is illegal along the freeways, but not along their on-ramps. There are "No thumbing" signs along I-5, so if your ride can't take you all the way to Seattle, make sure that he/she at least drops you off at an off-ramp, near the next on-ramp. There are also many good rest stops along I-5, which can make picking up a ride easier.

Getting Out Edit

There are generally two options when hitchhiking out of Seattle:

  • You can take a bus or train out, to a smaller suburb, and try to hitchhike from there. This generally the most common way out, since hitchhiking out of big cities is not popular. However, trying to hitchhike out of a low-income or high-crime neighborhood (such as Tacoma) may be even harder than hitchhiking out of Seattle city-proper.
  • There are exceptional on-ramps to I-5 in the University District, from within Seattle. amylin got a ride from Seattle to Portland from the on-ramp to I-5 South at NE 45th St & 5th Ave. There is a busy intersection at this point, in which vehicles stop and make turns onto the on-ramp, from 3 directions. There is even a nice spot for vehicles to pull into and pick up hitchhikers! The only drawback to this location is that there are frequently homeless people, who beg for food or money, nearby, and drivers may be reluctant to pick up hitchhikers in the presence of so many "unpresentable" people.
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