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Hotels and lodging[]

  • Eco Hotel Via Di Bravetta 9, [1]
  • Hotel Felice, Via Tiburtina 30, tel. +39.06.4453347, fax +39.06.4460290 The Felice Hotel [2]: a tradition of hospitality and service. A truly convenient downtown and peaceful location reflects the preference of distinguished travellers. The hotel is located in a wonderful district, within walking distance of historic sights, restaurants and only five minutes from the famous street “Via Veneto“. YouTube video on-line.
  • Guest Houses Cassette del Borgo, Via dei Bonaccorsi 27-33, tel. +39.320.0116428, fax +39.06.66154742 [3] A really oasis of peace inside Rome
  • Relais Rome, Via del corso,93, 00185, tel. +39.06.45481987, fax +39.06.45481987, [4] Vacation apartment located in the center of Rome
  • Hotel Canova Via Urbana 10, 00184, tel. +39 06 4873314, fax. +39 06 4819123, [5]
  • Hotel Clarin, Via Palermo, 36, tel. +39 06.47825170 Fax +39.06.47881393, [6]. 2-star hotel in Rome.
  • Hotel delle Regioni, via del tritone 94, tel. +39.06.483675 Fax +39.06.4883300, [7]. 3-star hotel situated in a central location near Piazza Berberini.
  • Hotel Galileo, Via Palestro, 33, tel. +39 06.4441205 Fax +39 06.4441208, [8]. The Hotel Galileo is a 3 star hotel in Rome popular due to its strategic position close to the Termini train Station.
  • Hosianum Palace, Via dei Polacchi 23, tel. +39 06.697191 Fax +39 06.69719604, [9]. An historical residence in Rome.
  • Condotti Palace Via della Croce 15, tel. +39 06 6794661, fax. +39 06 6790457, [10]
  • B&B San Michele a Porta Pia Via Messina 15, tel. +39 06.44250596, fax. +39 06.44235575, [11]
  • Hotel Mach2, Via Portuense 2465, tel. +39 066507149, fax. +39 066505855, [12] 3 star hotel near to Fiumicino airport.
  • Hotel Metropolis, Via delle Milizie 26, tel. +39 06 32609607, +39 06 3236065, [13] Hotel Metropolis is one of the 4 star hotels with modern design for a stay in Rome and an unforgettable experience!
  • Hotel Mimosa Via di Santa Chiara, 61, tel. +39 06.68801753, fax. +39 06.6833557, [14]
  • Hotel Panama Garden Via Salaria, 336, tel. +39 06.8552558, fax. +39 06.8413929, [15]
  • Hotel Pavia, Via Gaeta 83, tel. +39 06.483801, fax. +39 06.4819090, [16] 3 star hotel 5 minutes from the Termini train station.
  • Hotel Primus, Via Giovanni da Empoli, 11-13, 00154, tel. +39 06.57250515, fax +39 06.57250515, [17]. In the Testaccio district, which is famous for its embassies and nightspots, near the Roma Ostiense train station and the subway.
  • Hotel Rimini, Via Marghera, 17, 00185, tel. +39 064461991, fax +39 06 491289, [18]. In the Castro Pretorio District between Termini Central Station and the University Campus.
  • Merulana Inn, Via Merulana 19, 00186, tel. +39 06.44360092, [19]
  • Residenza Borghese, Via Sardegna 55, 00122, tel. + 39 06 42016810, fax +39 06 42001816, [20]
  • Suite Sistina, Via Sistina 53, 00187, tel. +39 06.20368380, fax. +39 06.20368381, [21]
  • Rome Loft, Luxury apartments in Rome. [22]
  • Villa della Fonte, Via della Fonte dell'Olio, 8, 00153, tel. +39.06.5803797, fax. +39.06.5803796, [23] Guesthouse within walking distance of piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Further information about hotels in Rome visit Rome Hotels

  • Hotel Aldobrandeschi Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 295, 00163, tel. +39 06.66415964, fax. +39 06.66411683, [24]
  • My Rome apartment, Colosseum area - Termini station apartments in Rome. [25]
  • Hotel Altavilla, Via Principe Amedeo 9/b, 00185, Tel +39.06.4741186, Fax: +39.06.4745800 [26]
  • Feel Home in Rome, A search engine for finding apartment accommodation in Rome [27]
  • Roman Homes, Rome vacation rentals, Rome apartments and villas with pool [28]
  • Hotels in Rome, A nice site to finding hotels in Rome [29]

Hotels near Sports Venues

Stadio Olympico Hotels Lists the hotels close to Rome's Olympic arena.


Tourists are often overwhelmed and awed by the variety of sites and historic monuments they have to choose from in Rome. Churches, historic roman palazzi, ruins, castles, tombs, the Eternal City and many museums. The expression "Roma, non basta una vita" ("Rome, a lifetime is not enough"). Another guide worth reading up on before visiting is the Churches of Rome a large guide to their architecture, art and history. You will also find information about people associated with these churches, with an emphasis on their relationship with specific churches.

Colosseum This arena known to the ancients as the "Flavian Amphitheater" hosted gadiators and wild beast hunts or "games". Piazza del Colosseo. Tel. 06 7005469
Roman Forum The downtown of the ancient city, where Cicero or Caesar would visit. Displays the power of Rome in the Golden Age.
Baths of Caracalla
Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps
Domus Aurea The ruins of Emperor Nero's Golden House

Imperial Fora The archaeological site of the four Imperial forums and its museum


Maps and transportation[]

Getting to Rome[]

For tourists, the best means of travel is by air and arriving at either Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport. Fiumicino is the most popular and most accessible with hundreds of international routes. After arriving at this airport there are several means of transport to get to Rome city centre. You can take a taxi, a bus or possible the most convenient for most people would be the Train. If you choose the Train you have the option the FM1 metropolitan or the Leonardo Express trains. The Leonardo Express takes you directly into the centre and costs €14, where the FM1 Metropolitan will make a few stops on the way, hence it will take longer, but only costs €8. You can find more information on these transport methods on the Rome Airport website.

From Ciampino airport there are busses and taxi which can take you into the city centre.

Exploring Rome[]

Rome is a modern and cosmopolitan city and the third most-visited tourist destination in the European Union. It's hard to say what you'll find most spectacular about the Eternal City: the Vatican Museums and St Peter's Basilica, the timelessness of the Forum, the gory resonance of the Colosseum or the Pantheon.

The Segway Tour and Cruiser Bike Tour are the most appropriate to visit the entire historical center of Rome in less time then simply walking, from the Colosseum to the Imperial Forums, from the Vatican City to the beautiful Piazza di Spagna and much more! After the museums, the monuments and the art, enjoy an exclusive Wine Tasting in a typical wine bar located in the heart of Rome. Enjoy some of the many delicious tastes of the Lazio region.

Romamirabilia offers exclusive guided tours, the tour guides will open you closed doors of interesting churches and palaces in Rome.

Temple of Asclepius. Photo: Romamirabilia

Beside the most famous monuments Rome offers you also a lot of art treasures behind the facades of palaces and churches that are normally closed for the public.

Info-Roma: Hotel Roma - Locali Roma - Ristoranti Roma - Eventi Roma - Itinerari Roma [31]

Travel Roma: Hotel nel centro di Roma

Personal Taxi: taxi company in Rome, tourists tour, fullday excursions to several Italian cities, limo, airport transfer.

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