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Many people in Canada see Ottawa as a national capital and nothing else. Well, Ottawans (nickname for someone from Ottawa) have news for the country: Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada, after Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Contrary to popular Canadian belief, Ottawa is in fact larger than Winnipeg and Edmonton. In fact, Ottawa has almost double the population of Winnipeg. Many Canadians, upon their first visit to Ottawa, are startled by high-rise skyscrapers and a cosmopolitan downtown to rival the urbanity of Vancouver or Montreal.

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City of Ottawa Transportation site

OC Transpo. Public transport in Ottawa.

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Ottawa Gatineau Wedding Planner - [1] - An online source of information for getting married in Ottawa

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  • Sushi:
kinki sushi
  • 24 Hours
Zak's Diner
  • Upscale
Blue Cactus
  • Ice Cream
Piccolo Grande

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