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Wadi Shab (14)

Wadi Shab Oman

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

The Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa overlooks the mountains, and all rooms look out over the sea and beaches. This is far and away the best 5 star hotel in Oman and has a family friendly section

The Grand Hyatt of Muscat is an outstanding 5-star hotel with a unique design and a great beach sitting on the Gulf of Oman.


The Sultan's Palace and over 100 forts The Fort of the interior is worth visiting. There are also a number of safari operators for those who want to visit the desert.
Rawabi Tours offers multiple safari options
Muttrah Souk is near the old port area and is worth a day trip Muscat Travel provides tours throughout Muscat and Oman and in Salalah and the south Salalah Travel tours through the Frankincense Country.


Maps and transportationEdit

Getting to OmanEdit

A Visa is required to visit Oman - but one can be purchased at the airport at Muscat International Airport, or at the Oman Embassy in your country.
Gulf Air offers many flights.

It is possible to drive over the UAE border into Oman, and attaining a visa is easily done at the border. The drive from Dubai take about 4 to 5 hours, and it is all on nicely paved highways. The route is direct with no confusing highway changes required.

Exploring OmanEdit

There are many routes to travel on through Oman.

One exciting path for exploration is the drive from Muscat to Sur. This path has interesting stops along the way, and makes for good stories to tell.

The route is nestled between the mountains and the sea, usually providing beautiful views. Along the route, you can stop at 2 famous wadis (river beds): Wadi Shab, and Wadi Tiwi. They are very close to each other, basically on opisite sides of the village of Tiwi. In the middle of the dry and barren landscape suddenly appears these lush strips of palms trees and greenery tucked in between cliffs on either side. Both wadis can be explored on foot for a couple of hours, with wadi shab providing a great swimming opportunity and a chance to peer inside a cave at the end of a 45 min hike. Wadi Tiwi is actually better explored with a car, since it is possible to drive beside the river and up into the mountain where there is a village full of friendly locals. Beware of the children who will climb your car! The lower part near the sea of both wadis was impacted by the 2007 cyclone.

Also along the route are the Bimmah sinkhole, and the tomb of Maryam. The former provides a lovely chance to swim in crystal clear sea water with little blind fish. The latter is rather small and easy to miss as it is being restored behind temporary barriers, but the workmen will kindly open the door for you to go have a peek.

For Holidays in Oman OMAN HOLIDAYS is a specialised operator in Oman approved by the Oman Ministry of Tourism offering holidays and tours of Oman for individuals and groups . Other companies include Luxury Oman Holidays Muscat Tours Salalah Tours

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  • Oman Holidays is a specialised tour operator in Oman approved by the Oman Ministry of Tourism. The company, whose management have over a decade’s experience of tourism in Oman, specialize in interpretive guided cultural tours throughout the country.
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