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Ohio state flag in Conneaut, Ohio with lighthouse in the background.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

South Shore Inn - 2047 Cleveland Road ~ Sandusky, Ohio 44870. Family owned and operated, our Sandusky, Ohio lodging offers warm and genuine hospitality, as well as a commitment to excellence and total customer satisfaction. The South Shore Inn has thoughtfully designed an accommodation for the needs of every kind of traveler. Three Room Suite, Two Room Suite, King Jacuzzi Deluxe and Queen Room.

Glenlaurel: A Hocking Hills Bed and Breakfast - 14940 Mt. Olive Road Rockbridge, Ohio 43149-9736. Local: 740.385.4070 Toll Free: 800.809.7378.


Hocking Hills Massage and Spa Services- Glenlaurel is the place where guests find energizing, soothing, and peaceful experiences that will return them to the place where they feel rested and rejuvenated.

The Carriage House is home to Glenlaurel's gift gallery. We offer a wide variety of unique gifts for your Hocking Hills shopping experience.


In general, if you can't eat it there is sales tax on it.  Sales tax varies from county to county.  It is usually higher in urbanized counties such as Cuyahoga.

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Getting to OhioEdit

Amtrak serves cities in Northern Ohio.  However, the trains only arrive and depart very early in the morning.  Greyhound serves most of Ohio's major cities.

Exploring OhioEdit

You may end up using the Ohio Turnpike.  Interstate 71 connects Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland.

Practical information and resourcesEdit

Ohio's weather can change very quickly.


Siam Orchid Restaurant at South Shore Inn - Sandusky dining located in the lobby of the South Shore Inn near Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio.

Skyline Chili is worth trying.  It can be found throughout the state (although it is uncommon in northeast Ohio).  There are other chains such as Gold Star that serve Cincinnati style chili.


Ohio's alcohol laws are reasonable.  Are they as looney as Pennsylvania's?  No.  Are they as relaxed as Missouri's?  No.  In short, anything under 21% alcohol can be purchased at gas stations, grocery stores, etc.  The "liquor" sold at these places is diluted and is not that good as most of it is off brands.  If you are alrerady drunk you won't mind it so much.  This "liquor" is usually purchased by college students who were unable to make it to the liquor store earlier in the day.  If you want the good stuff you have to go to a state store.  These state stores are sometimes found in grocery stores or can be stand alone stores.  Usually the state stores are a separate section of the grocery stores (you can purchase other items at the liquor counter - don't be like Scumbag Steve and ask to check out with a full cart of groceries).  An exception to this is some Acme stores (Akron area) where you can purchase hard liquor at a regular register.  The stand-alone stores also sell beer, wine, mixers, and soda.

Retail sales of alcohol stop at 1 AM.  State stores have to close at 9 PM, although some may close earlier.  Sunday sales may be restricted in some areas.  Take a gas station that sells beer and wine.  It may only be able to sell beer on Sundays.

There are plenty of good microbreweries in Ohio.  These include Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Bew Kettle, Columbus Brewing Company, Mt Carmel, Rivertown, and many others.  Great Lakes is easy to find throughout the state.  Some of the smaller ones can be hard find outside their home areas.  It is worth noting that Yuengling is available in Ohio.

Ohio is also home to some good wine.  There are several wineries in Lake County and Ashtabula County.  Many bottles from these vineyards can be found in stores for less than $10.

There are some microdistilleries in Ohio.  Most of these are located in the Columbus area.  While some bars in other parts of the state may serve these spirits, you should not push your luck.  Buckeye Vodka is made in Dayton.  It can be found in stores throughout the state and is easier to find in bars than other local spirits.

There are several casinos in Ohio.  You cannot smoke in them and they do not give you free drinks.

There is a racino, Scioto Downs, in Columbus.  It is on the outskirts of the city.  Sadly there is no video poker.

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