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Nagoya Castle 01

Nagoya Castle, Nagoya, Japan.

Nagoya is located on the Noubi Plain in the center of Japan. The population of the city is over 2 million people, and ranked as 4th among Japanese cities. Nagoya is one of the biggest industorial areas where many machine tool manufacturers settle down. The Famous car company Toyota's main factory is located on the outskirts of the city and is called Toyota-city.

The history of "Nagoya" goes back nearly 400 years. In the beginning of Tokugawa-era, the first Shogun Ieyasu's child "Yoshinao" had lived as a castellan. The Nagoya Castle was built for Yoshinao by Ieyasu in 1609. You can see the big ornament of two golden fish on the roof which are called "Kinko" or "Kin-no-Shachihoko". These are the genius of the castle. Although the castle was destroyed by air raids in 1945, it was rebuilt in 1959. The Nagoya Castle is sung by Japanese local folk song Nagoya is kept good by Nagoya castle (Owarinagoya ha Shiro de motsu). Nagoya Castle is one of three major castles in Japan (others are Kumamoto, Osaka).

Population: About 2 million people — the forth biggest city in Japan's — live in Nagoya. Approximately 7 million live in the Aichi Prefecture Area, which is located in center of Japan.

aspect:It may sound like I'm boasting that Nagoya is proud of lowest jobless rate and Nagoya is a special area where many people became happy, because the city of Nagoya is the center of the country's automobile industry around the facility. They have 2 or 3 automobiles. Many of their children want to live around Nagoya. They pride themselves on its liveability.

About Nagoya Castle [1]

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

The hotels are located along the subway stations Sakae, Nagoya, (JR station which people call 'meieki') and Kanayama (Japanese Railroad station).

Sakae is the most popular location for travelers due to the many brand name shops located here. It is a convenient location which is always filled with businessmen and shoppers. Sakae is the nightlife center of Nagoya, especially the Kinsan area, which stands for Nishiki sanchome.

Nagoya is the most convenient station for travelers. However, this JR station is a 5-minute subway ride from Sakae. From Nagoya station, you can go anywhere in the subway in Nagoya City and Inuyama, Ise, Takayama.

Kanayama is the 3rd choice for travelers. The hotels are cheaper than the other areas and there are a lot of bars. From here you can take the Nagoya Railway (Meitetsu), the subway (Meijo-Line), or the JR line. It is convenient and only a 10-minute subway ride from the Sakae area.

Sakae Edit

  • Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
  • The Westin Nagoya Castle-special hotel just near by Castle. The castle view is fantastic. It is a little far from Sakae and Nagoya(It cost 15 minutes taxi ride).
  • Hilton Nagoya-Near Fushimi subway station between Nagoya and Sakae.

Nagoya Edit

Kanayama Edit

ANA Hotel Grand Court Nagoya



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