Downtown Medellin, Colombia.

Medellín is the capital city of the Antioquia Department in Colombia. It was founded in 1675 by Miguel de Aguinaga. The municipality has a population of 2.09 million inhabitants. This makes Medellín the third most populated city in Colombia after Bogota and Cali.


Medellín’s geographical location, between the central area of the country and the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, provide it with competitive advantages. Some of them are the cultural crossing among Colombians who come to Medellín as a meeting place and the investment advantages with exporting projection.

This city, the capital of an active and progressing state like Antioquia, has a strategic location as it seats on a valley in the Andes Central mountain range at 1,475 meters (4,839 feet) above sea level. This makes the city have warm weather all-year round, with temperatures averaging 24 °C (72.5 °F), and have great geographical housing, industrial, commercial, leisure, and sports conditions.

A river named after Medellín runs through the city; it has been a local development means that has turned the city into a bridge-and-street network to interconnect westside and eastside. In the valley, two geographical unevenness stand out to refresh the landscape with shades of green, and they are El Volador guardian hill and Nutibara guardian hill, that are just two of the seven guardian hills around the city.

El Picacho, Santo Domingo, Pan de Azúcar, La Asomadera, and El Salvador complete the list of guardian hills that stand out around the city as natural public spaces.

Medellín, with an area of 382 square kilometers (147.5 square miles), is a growing metropolis. It spreads out through a varied topography with a great valley between eastern and western hills that expand towards the surrounding mountains. Along the valley, Medellín joins other nearby towns; to the north: Barbosa, Girardota, Copacabana, and Bello; to the south: Envigado Itagüí, Sabaneta, La Estrella, and Caldas. All of them are developmental and progress focal points that impact Medellín with commercial and cultural exchanges, turning it into Greater Medellín, a great metropolitan area.

The towns of Guarne and Rionegro are the eastern limits of Medellín and Angelópolis, Ebéjico, and Heliconia are its western limits. Other nearby towns are El Retiro, La Ceja, Amagá, San Pedro, Santa Fe de Antioquia, San Jerónimo, La Pintada, Sopetrán, and Fredonia, rural touristic destinations with different entertainment proposals for locals and visitors.

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After the dark comes, Medellin provides the appropriate environment to enjoy the city on its full thanks to the privilege climate, the warmth of the paisas and the beauty of its women.

There is plenty to do and see in Medellin at night and especially during the weekends when the night clubs, bars, restaurants and public parks offer multiple alternatives for partying and relaxation.

Medellin has a well earned reputation of being a great place to have fun and party which is confirmed by the amount and quality of places available like the ones found in well known Parque Lleras (public park surrounded by restaurants, bars and nightclubs), Las Palmas, the nearby cities of Itagui, Envigado and Sabaneta. Also the premiere clubs of the city Mango’s and Palmahia (the biggest club in Latin America).

The most common choices for drinking are aguardiente (the local favorite), rum and beer but you can easily find a good selection of wines and other imported liquors.

The only thing you’ll be missing is time to visit the hundreds of choices. Come prepared to have a great time!!

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Medellin panorama

Panoramic view of Medellín, Colombia

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