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Mulanje Mountain, Malawi

Malawi (official name: the Republic of Malawi) is a country located in the southeastern part of Africa, the capital is Lilongwe. Formerly, it was known as Nyasaland. It shares its borders with Tanzania and Mozambique. Its population of 12,884,000 (2005) and area of 118,484 km² makes it a densely populated country with density population of 109/km².

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Nthcisi Forest Lodge is in a remote area in Ntchisi Forest Reserve and provides mid-range accommodation and some of the best food in Malawi. It is nicely decorated and, though comfortable with nice beds and a great open fireplace, is run as a bush lodge without electricity. Hot water is provided through solar heaters, and the lodge grows a lot of its own food in the kitchen gardens. It lies inside the forest reserve and has a lot of cool activities both in the forest and in nearby villages untouched by mass tourism.


Ntchisi Forest Reserve is a stunning place not far from Lilongwe (about two hours north-east). It covers Ntchisi Mountain, which provides excellent hiking on marked trails through some of the last remaining rainforest in southern Africa. The forest really is truly amazing, and many viewpoints give you views over the Rift Valley escarpment. On clear days you can see to the other end of the country and across Lake Malawi to Mozambique's mountains.


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