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Escudo de Madrid

coat of arms of Madrid

800px-Madrid 14

"Fuente de Cibeles" in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid is both the capital of Spain and of the autonomous region of the same name. The city is situated on the Meseta plateau in the Nueva Castilla region. Madrid, lies along the Manzaneres river and at 655 metres, is the highest capital in Europe. Madrid presents itself as a large European city of great cultural and artistic interest.

Originally a Moorish settlement called Magerit, the city was conquered by the Christians and by the Spanish in the 11th century acquiring great prestige in the 16th century, when Fillipo II transferred his court and nominated Madrid as the capital of his empire. Between the 18th and 20th century, with the help of the Bourbons, the city changed radically, seeing the construction of large squares, parks, sumptuous palaces and an efficient road system. The Paseo de la Castellana, is the main road in the city, which runs from north to south and links the two most important railway stations in Madrid (Chamartin and Atocha).

The oldest districts in the city are between Paseo del Prado, site of the city's art galleries and the Royal Palace in the west of the city. Remains of the original historic centre of Madrid include: Puerto del Sol and Plaza Mayor, historic site of city parades, executions and Inquisition trials.. The square is dominated by the Panaderia (1620), with it two towers dating back to the 18th century. The centre of the square is the site of a statue of Filippo III on horseback. The Royal Palace is located to the west, the official residence of Spain's royal family until 1931. the building is now referred to as the Oriental Palace and houses government offices. The Sabatini Gardens, situated in front of the Palace, house artificial lakes, classical statues and tree-lined paths. Madrid's city life rotates around two important roads, Gran Via and Via Alcala, which represent the city's path to 20th century modernization. A magnificent fountain representing the Roman- Greek Goddess of nature, Cibeles riding a chariot pulled by two lions, stands in the centre of Plaza de Cibeles. The four corners of the square are occupied by the Bank of Spain, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Communication and America House (Linares building). The latter houses a fine collection of Latin-American artists.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

Madrid is full of different hotels to suit all budgets, with over 600 options ranging from luxury accommodation to budget B&Bs.

  • Madrid Hotels Lists and compares accommodation prices in Madrid.
  • Sol Hotels Hotels within the Sol district of Madrid.

Hotels near Sports Venues

Real Madrid Hotels Accommodation near the Bernabeu.

C/ Velázquez 62, 28001 Madrid, Spain Tel: (+34) 91 575 28 00


The Gran Hotel Velázquez is a 4 star hotel in Madrid located in the refined Salamanca district, where the worlds of business, art and fashion converge. This elegant 4 star central Madrid Hotel has been providing stylish accommodation for over 50 years.

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C/ Aduana 19, 28013 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 913 604 930‎

The Hotel María Elena Palace is located in the historic centre of Madrid, just 200 metres away from the Puerta del Sol. Guests of this central Madrid hotel are greeted by the magnificent glass dome in the spacious lobby.

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C/ Luis De La Mata 18, 28042 Madrid, Spain Tel: (+34) 91 575 28 00

The Hotel Osuna is in one of the most thriving business districts of Madrid yet still gives guests the chance to experience tranquility.

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C/ Sevilla 2, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Tel: (+34) 914 296 676‎


A 2 star Hotel, the Asturias owes to its superb location in the heart of Madrid - only 200 meters from the Puerta del Sol in the centre of the city.

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  • The Prado Museum, houses the world's best collection of 11th and 12th century Spanish paintings, together with Flemish, Italian, German and English masterpieces.
  • The Reina Sofia Art Centre, has one of the largest exhibition spaces in the world and houses works of art from 1881 to the present day. Amongst the various halls it is possible to admire works of art including. Mirò, Dali, Juan Gris, Gonzalez, Chillida and the famous 'Guernica' by Picasso.
  • The Slag Heap Monastery is located 45 km from the capital. This palace-mausoleum of S. Lorenzo, was built for Filippo II to celebrate his victory at San Quintino. It gets its name from its unfortunate position next to a slag heap. It is however, an impressive building and a magnificent example of early Spanish Renaissance.
  • A visit to the Pardo Forest is highly recommended. This oak forest is located 20 km from the centre and is the site of the Quinta Palace and the Royal Palace, at the centre of the park. This royal building was constructed for Charles V in the 16th century and was the residence of Francisco Franco from 1940 to 1975.


The principal shopping area, is the zone comprising Gran Via and Puerta del Sol. Elegant shops are also to be found near Goya metro station. Madrid is interesting for those looking for second-hand markets and unusual shops.

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The Metropolitan is the best way to reach the centre. The system has 10 lines and operates from 6am to 1:30 am. The metro tickets are also valid for travel on the buses. It is also possible to purchase a ' tarjeta turistica' which permits travel on all the various public transport for 3 or 5 consecutive days. The state railway is operated by RENFE, whose trains heading north and to France leave from Chamartin Station, those heading south, from Puerto de Atocha Station and north west from Principe Pio Station.

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C/ Hermosilla 15, 28001 Madrid, Spain Tel: (+34) 915 775 379


Founded in 1991 inside a former theatre, the restaurant is divided in four independent spaces: restaurant, tapas bar, sushi bar and cocktail lounge. This elegant and unique place offers an international gourmet menu, and a wide range of wines

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Bars clubs and discos are to be found throughout the city and is often possible to listen to live music and dance the flamenco. To really live Madrid it is necessary to move from place to place and be absorbed by the music and atmosphere.

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