Liverpool waterfront. Pier Head, "Three Graces", seen from Albert Dock. Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

Like any other leading city Liverpool is home to a whole range of hotels. The cities close proxomity means that hotels of all types exist within the city centre and allow people to access the local attractions quickly and easily. Many hotels are also situated on the outside of the city as surrounding areas contain some stunning scenery.

Budget Hotels Edit

Devonshire House Hotel - Affordable accommodation for people looking to stay close to the city. In an excellent location for local transport routes and has a great reputation.

Beatles Brian Epstein Hoste - Cheap bed and breakfast offering a comfortable stay

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Luxury Hotels Edit

Malmaison Hotel - One of Liverpool's most luxurious hotels and is often frequented by celebrities visiting the area. The centrally located hotel offers rooms with great ambience and unrivalled customer service.



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