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Jiddah, also spelled as Jeddah, is the second largest city (Population: around 3.4 million) of Saudi Arabia, the largest one being Riyadh, the capital city. While Riyadh is the political capital of Saudi Arabia, Jiddah is like its financial and commercial city and is one among the richest cities of the Middle East and Western Asia. The city is the most important seaport of Saudi Arabia. The city of Jiddah is also noted one for another significant reason: it the gateway to Mecca, the holiest city of Islam.

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Qasr Al Sharq is unique. 60 kilos of Gold was used on the ceilings and walls. A massive gone-with-the-wind staircase and chandelier anoint the entry way. The suites can cost over $10,000 and have Italian furniture, marble, plasma and more. There are 7 business center areas, a marble spa, a pool and spa.

List of other hotels in Jiddah
Hotel Name Rank   Hotel Name Rank
Westin Hotels, Jeddah 5 Stars   Hilton Hotel Jeddah 5 Stars
Crowne Plaza Hotel 5 Stars   Durrat Al-Arus 5 Stars
Sheraton Tower and Villas 5 Stars   Le Méridien, Jeddah 5 Stars
Sands Hotel 5 Stars   Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Hotel 5 Stars
Marriott Hotel 5 Stars   Radisson SAS 5 Stars
Radisson SAS Hotel 5 Stars   InterContinental Hotel 5 Stars
Durrat Al-Arus 5 Stars   Sheraton Beach 5 Stars
Jeddah Orchid Hotel 5 Stars   Al Attas Hotel 5 Stars
Al Bilad Hotel 5 Stars   Al Sofaraa Suites 4 Stars
Al Sultan Palace 4 Stars   Holiday Inn Jeddah 4 Stars
al Hamra Sofitel]] Hôtel 4 Stars   Red Sea Palace Hotel 4 Stars
Al Harithy Hotel 4 Stars   Al Bustan Mercure Hotel 4 Stars
Holiday Inn Resorts 4 Stars   Al-Banawi Resorts 4 Stars
Jeddah Trident Hotel 4 Stars   Casablanca Hotel 4 Stars
Kaki Hotel 4 Stars   Ramada International Royal Villas 4 Stars
Habitat Hotel 4 Stars   Khaldiyah Palace 3 Stars
Rihana Plaza Hotel 3 Stars   Kandara Palace 3 Stars
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Resort 3 Stars   Sunset Hotel 3 Stars
Madina Palace 3 Stars   F.K.S Suites - Manzil Al-Tahlia Suits 3 Stars   Jeddah Regency 3 Stars Salhia Lotus Beach Resort 5 Stars


There are many private beaches in Jiddah: Al Remal, Shums, Bait Albahar, '''''''Salhia Beach Resort 5 Star(Most exclusive high end full serviced Beach Resort is the best in the region) , Family Cabins and Al Nakeel and several other resorts. These places are famous for offshore coral reefs of the Red Sea. The resort of Durrat Al-Arus is an integrated tourist village located around 40 km from Jiddah and is functional from 1996. It has all the privacy and modern amenities. Apart from the seashore resorts and beaches on the Red Sea, Jiddah has another attraction, a fountain, King Fahd's Fountain [1] is a man-made fountain and the water gushing out reaches a height of around 300 meters. The spectacle is wonderful and is a landmark of Jiddah. It is also known as Jiddah Fountain.


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Lots of places to eat out in Jeddah :

1) Fast food - KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, McDonald's etc. all have multiple outlets

2) For fine restaurants, most nationalities are available - a selection is listed below

  Yildizlar Restaurant  6531150       

  Palm Beach Restaurants  6394078        

  La Cuisine Restaurant  6630363       

  Olives Mediterranean Restaurant  6610627        

  Le Chalet Suiss Restaurant  6696248        

  Osaka - Japanese Restaurant  6696248        

  Jehan Group Holding Co.  6978040        

  Nations Restaurants  6646699       

  Chinese Golden Palace Restaurant  6690377        

  Sky Diving Center  6580000

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