Backpacking across Israel is the best way to not only see the country but to really experience it. On a single trip from one side of the country to the other you could travel by bus (with Israel's extensive bus system which offers low rates and hundreds of destinations), Train (ideal for a relaxing trip north to south), or for the more adventurous hitchhiking (which is fast, fun, and best of all free! Although, if you are unfamiliar with which areas are safe to do so and what to look out for it is not advised). Truly though nothing is better than just grabbing a bag and hending out into the country, and don't worry there are always many a fellow traveler.

Backpacking Israel is a major site for hiking, trekking, hostelling and backpacking in Israel.

The site includes a travel talk, backpacking tips and advice, Hostels and guest houses throughout Israel. Israel hikes, treks and extreme sports. Christian trails in the Holy Land, the Israel National Trail and the Jesus Trail. Volunteering in Israel, nightlife in Israeli cities, LGBT and gay scene, events and festivals in Israel. suggests also a backpackers talk & tips for independent travelers aiming for Israel.

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