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Overview[edit | edit source]

Sunrise at the Dead sea, Israel

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Hotels and lodging[edit | edit source]

Lodging in Israel

Israel offers an opportunity for a dream vacation during which you can combine fun and entertainment with exciting experiences. A visit to Israel includes not only the nature reserves, tourist sites, museums, and exhibitions, but also offers exciting opportunities for lodging. The selection of accommodations in Israel is so varied that you can spend each night of your vacation in a different style of accommodation.

Hostelling in Israel[edit | edit source]

Supporting the international trends of slow travel, independent travel, frequent travel and hosteling trips - the Backpacking Israel project is promoting offers for a budget accommodation in Israel:

Cheap hostels in Israel, guest houses, youth hotels and kibbutz hotels.

The hosteling index of Backpacking Israel includes: Hostels and Guest Houses in Israel You may also see Haifa vacation apartments instead of paying a hotel a high price, a new change in Haifa.

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