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Ireland map

Map of Ireland

The island of Ireland, situated at the westernmost tip of Europe, has long been known for its warm welcomes, rich culture and history, and stunning landscapes and seascapes.

History of travel to IrelandEdit

Among the earliest visitors to Ireland were the Phoenicians, who were reputed to travel annually to the south west of Ireland to mine copper at Mount Gabriel, returning home every winter. The bardic traditions of pre-Christian Ireland encouraged cultural travel between bardic schools in Ireland and centres of learning across Europe. This cultural and scholarly travel continued throughout the heyday of monastic learning, until the destruction of monasteries under the reign of King Henry VIII.

Celtic tigerEdit

In recent years, Ireland became known as the Celtic tiger, when the country changed, in a just a few years, from being one of the poor relations of Europe to one of the richest countries in the world. During this time, Ireland became a costly destination for travellers and the locals were too busy enjoying their new-found wealth to have much time left to welcome visitors or share their time with them. But the wealth was built on the rocky foundations of cheap loans and foolish dreams and the tiger collapsed even more dramatically than it first appeared.

The death of the Celtic tiger is good news for travellers to Ireland. Accommodation is much cheaper, due to oversupply in every sector, and aggressive competition between airlines and ferry companies keeps travel costs down. When the tiger was roaring, it sustained the growth of an artisan food sector, incorporating great local ingredients to make great food. The tiger is whimpering now, but Ireland's food renaissance is building momentum, with year-on-year growth in food exports set to play a pivotal part in economic recovery.

Getting thereEdit

You can fly directly to Ireland from most UK airports, from several European destinations, and from the United States. You can also travel by car ferry from ports in Scotland, England, Wales and northern France.

What's thereEdit

The republic of Ireland (Eire) occupies most of the island, while the north eastern corner, Northern Ireland, is part of the United Kingdom.

Cork river lee

The River Lee flows through the city in two channels and forms a central island.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

Almara Accommodations Dublin (free finder)


Enjoy Ireland Ireland's information site of upcoming attractions.

The Ring of Kerry is a lovely, loop in the southwest of Ireland that is popular with tourists. Much of the route goes along the coast, and there are plenty of bed and breakfasts, pubs and other enjoyable stops along the way.

Black taxi tours of Belfast.

A truly amazing experience, travel into west Belfast, and see the wall murals, memorials, and gardens. All erected to remember the historical struggle, that has went on for over 100yrs. are a leading company, with top guides. Dublin Hints and Tips

There is a fun local website called Hidden Dublin that is packed with money saving tips.


Maps and transportationEdit

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Getting to IrelandEdit

Lots of options for getting here, with a convenient mode of transportation being Ireland Fly Drive - flying and car hire combination to allow you to explore at your own pace.

Exploring IrelandEdit

Car rental is a good option if you wish to explore Ireland. There a number of car rental companies in Ireland, main brands would be Europcar , Irish Car Rentals , Thrifty , Car Rental in Ireland and more. 

Most car rentals are available from Dublin Airport , Cork, Shannon, Galway, Kerry, Knock and Northern Ireland. 

See Ireland/Tips for backpackers and Ireland/Tips for hitchhikers.

Practical information and resources Edit

Dublin and Ireland Visitors Guide Great Ireland resource for visitors


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