Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state of Tyrol in western Austria. Located in the broad Inntal (Inn River Valley) two massive mountainsides, the Nordkette (Hafelekar, 2,334 meters (7,657 ft)) in the north, Patscherkofel (2,246 meters (7,369 ft)) and Serles (2,718 meters (8,917 ft)) in the south, Innsbruck and its surrounding villages are a prime site for skiing and snowboarding. tymologically the word "bruck" derives from the German word "Brücke" meaning "bridge" which leads to "the bridge over the Inn".

Innsbruck hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics and the 1984 and 1988 Winter Paralympics. In 2012 it is to host the 1st Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. During the summer months, the once ice-packed mountainsides transform into popular sites for mountaineering and sightseeing. A trip to the northern Alps would not be complete without a stay in Innsbruck.

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