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Havana City sunset, view from Castillo del Morro.

Havana (Spanish in full: San Cristóbal de La Habana, usually shortened to just La Habana is the capital of Cuba and, with a population of 2.5 million, the largest city of Cuba and the Caribbean. It is located at 23°8′N 82°23′W and is just over a 100 miles (160 km) south-southwest of Key West, Florida. The city of Havana ("Ciudad de la Habana") is one of the 14 provinces of Cuba. It is on the coast facing the Straits of Florida. It is to the north west of the island of Cuba, and is circled by the province of Havana to the south, east, and west. Edit this section or read more

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  • Modern Havana is a region of Havana Cuba, wich begins in Vedado, northwest of the Old Town. 23rd Street, is the city´s main axis, also known as "La Rampa" (the Ramp) because of the gradual rising of its lower section. Luxury hotels like the National and the Habana Libre line this street, a remarkable legacy of years gone-by. The neighboring streets teem with Art-Nouveau houses and villas. The political center lies at Revolution Square and its surrounding buildings. Close by, Columbus Cemetery expands on itself, today a National Monument and a genuine marble city for the deceased, dating back from the late 19th century. Further ahead, the aristocratic section of Miramar joins the landscape, with palace-like villas which have been turned into embassies, expensive restaurants and exclusive stores.

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