Faro located in Portugal is most famous for its lagoon, the Ria Formosa lagoon, which is a nature reserve spread over an area of about 170 square kilometers. The place is frequented by hundreds of hundreds of different migratory birds during the spring and autumn seasons. The beach is about seven km from the city where you have to reach after crossing a bridge. Contrary to popular belief, the place has four well defined seasons though it has abundance of sunshine most of the time and is the warmest region of mainland Portugal.

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Faro has many good hotels, and two of them are:

  • Hotel Eva: [1]
  • Hotel Faro: [2]


Faro is basically famous for its beach and is frequented by the sun-seekers. At the same time, Faro, the seat of the District of Faro and capital of the Algarve region of Portugal, has many other attractions for the tourists like:

  • Roman ruins of Milreu nearby Faro
  • Cathedral of Roman-Gothic origin
  • Nossa Senhora da Assuncão Convent of the Renaissance period
  • São Francisco Church of 16-18th centuries
  • Churches of São Pedro da Misericórdia and Nossa Senhora do Carmo
  • Many Museums including:
    • Infante Dom Henrique
    • Regional Ethnographic
    • Ramalho Ortigão
    • Antoniano


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