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Hotels and lodgingEdit

For a full range of Swaziland Accommodation in Eswatini visit this website. It also provides an interactive map and a Swaziland Directory.


The game reserve is great!


Shopping in Eswatini is like in any other country. I happened to stumble across a website that has market facts about Swazi consumers and their shopping trends. Look it up its called

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Getting to EswatiniEdit

Exploring EswatiniEdit


Interested in visiting Ewatini? It’ll be well worth your expense believe me. Eswatini is famous for its annual reed dance ceremony but this is not the only tourist attraction in the country. There are much, much more sights to drink in and adventures to enjoy found in over 50 tourist sites. The highlights include:

Natural Features

Nsangwini Rock Art View paintings between four hundred and four thousand years old, done by the famous tribe of San people often referred to as ‘Bushman’ and get a glimpse into their unique way of life, which has been kept in mystery for centuries. Also enjoy a bit of hiking as the caves can only be accessed after traveling along a mountain trail. Glimpse some great views along the trail as well.

Sibebe Rock Hiking, whitewater rafting, sightseeing and mountain biking activities

Places to visit

Swazi Candles View hand-made & decorated candles as well as a variety of custom-made wax products.

Ngwenya Glass View furnace-prepared, 100% glass products sold worldwide and see surrounding shops with arts and crafts.

African Connection View indigenous items collected from the rural areas of Eswatini and all over Africa to encourage and preserve the skills of the traditional craftsmen.

Hlane Game Reserve Game viewing (big five)

Mlilwane Game Reserve Watch some exotic bird species and also see some impala, warthog and a variety of other wild animals.


King’s Cup Golf tournament held at the prestigious Royal Sun Hotel 18-hole golf course, hosted by King Mswati III on the first day. Hundreds of South African and Swazi leaders in business, politics and other areas participate in this unique event that offers participation mostly for budding golfers. This year the event is set to start on September 8. It is a unique opportunity to mix with South African society’s ‘who’s who’.

Ceremonies Both the monarchy and people of Eswatini actively maintain and preserve their cultural heritage. The many ceremonies, in particular those attended by the King and the Royal household, attract visitors from all over the world to witness the unique culture that binds the nation to its colorful past.

To know more about these places and other tourist attractions in Eswatini, visit

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