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Sphinx at Giza

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

Egypt has been a special destination for as long as records have been kept, but this escalated when archaeological fever was fed by the fantastic discovery of the Tomb of King Tutenkhamen in the Vally of the Kings in Luxor. The Winter Palace Hotel was the top hotel in Luxor at that time and still operates today, supplemented a modern wing.

Nile cruises became popular very early, with traditional dahbiyyas being superseded in popularity by the current huge Nile cruisers which have serious environmental and economic implications for the local community.

Self-catering accommodation has not traditionally been an option in Luxor, but in recent years, with a flurry of building of dedicated apartment blocks, self-catering apartments are widely available in locations ranging from the utilitarian and noisy downtown setting of Television Street to the peaceful more traditional west bank setting close to the Valley of the Kings.

Top Tourist Cities in Egypt Edit

There are a lot of tourist cities in Egypt that attract millions of tourists every year which are:

  1. Cairo City
  2. Giza City
  3. Luxor City
  4. Aswan City
  5. Alexandria City
  6. Sharm El-Shikh City
  7. Dahab
  8. Hurghada

Self-Catering Apartments In Luxor Edit

Traditional Egypt [1] provides a slightly unusual self-catering apartment called "Villa Luxor" on the west bank of Luxor. The apartment itself is right on the shore of the Nile directly opposite Luxor Temple and a private Nile boat is moored directly outside, for the exclusive use of guests, however small their party.


Egypt is an ancient country and befitting to its ancient civilization and culture, it has many magnificent monuments representing its glorious past. At the same time, the Egypt of today also offer many attractions and activities for the visitors and the tourists. In general terms, Egypt has many spots of interest and they may be divided into six different groups, each with its own flavour: Cairo (the capital city) and areas around the city; Alexandria and its immediate surroundings; Luxor and the regions around it - they may be described as a living museum of Ancient Egypt; Aswan though not very well known area is quiet and serene with many beautiful hotels alongside the Lake Nasser; Hurghada and El Gouna and regions around them lack historical heritage but offer water sports, golf courses and casinos; and Sharm El Sheikh and its immediate vicinity has some beautiful Christian monuments. And, this is not the end, there are many places around the Red Sea and in the Sinai; and a number of many oasis in Egypt's interior regions.


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Practical information and resourcesEdit

  • Currency: Egyptian pound (LE) (EGP)
  • Time zone: EET (UTC+2) [Summer (DST) - EEST (UTC+3]
  • Calling code: +20
  • Official language: Arabic and Masri


For a nice Egyptian meal in Cairo, check out Abu El Said in Maadi or Zamalik.

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