Dorsoduro is the district for those interested in the art of Venice. This area comprises the zone around the Academy The Peggy Guggenheim Collection and various churches that house many paintings and sculptures. These churches include San Sebastiano decorated by Veronese, the Carmine Grande Scuola and the Jesuit Church, decorated by Tiepolo. The Santa Maria della Salute Church with its Tiziano altar-piece and a magnificent work by Tintoretto, is a Venetian Baroque architectural work of art. Each November during the Festa della Salute ( Health Festival) worshippers arrive here having crossed a pontoon bridge, decorated for the occasion, which crosses the Gran Canal. Lively Campo Santa Margherita, the art of the western zone of Dorsoduro, is characterised by its cafés, market stores and the constant coming and going of its residents. Along the foundation of the Zattere, which look out over the Giudecca Canal, it is possible to find one of Venice's liveliest zone, a place to lunch or pass the time in one of the many open-air cafés. The area has old warehouses, such as the old salt deposit, today the site of sailing clubs and artists studios. The best route is that which leads around the Jesuit church and to the landing stations of the steam-boats which run to Giudecca.

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