Cuba is an Island in the South Carribean. These country has a population of 41 million people. 20 million are men and 19 million are woman. Its current Prime Minister is Manuel Barrero Marrero.

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Presidential Palace in Havana, now the Museum of the Revolution

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  • Dolphinarium "El Laguito"

Show Schedule: 11am and 3pm. Open: daily from 9.30am-5pm.

Located in mid-Varadero close to the southern highway, this attraction is a great way for families and kids to get close to everyone's favorite sea animal. Two dolphins' shows daily and the opportunity to swim with the "stars".

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  • Modern Havana is a region of Havana Cuba, wich begins in Vedado, northwest of the Old Town. 23rd Street, is the city´s main axis, also known as "La Rampa" (the Ramp) because of the gradual rising of its lower section. Luxury hotels like the National and the Habana Libre line this street, a remarkable legacy of years gone-by. The neighboring streets teem with Art-Nouveau houses and villas. The political center lies at Revolution Square and its surrounding buildings. Close by, Columbus Cemetery expands on itself, today a National Monument and a genuine marble city for the deceased, dating back from the late 19th century. Further ahead, the aristocratic section of Miramar joins the landscape, with palace-like villas which have been turned into embassies, expensive restaurants and exclusive stores.

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