Jim Corbett National Park - Wildlife Reserve in India

Jim Corbett Park

One of the most popular wildlife parks of India is Jim Corbett Reserve. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand in India, the park is immensely popular due to a huge variety of flora and fauna. It is regarded as the first national park and first Indian wildlife sanctuary to come under Tiger Project.

Wildlife of Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett Park covers an extremely wide range of wildlife of the entire world. Thousands of tourists throng at this place to get a glimpse of the real wildlife of India. The park is best known for the presence of Bengal tigers. It carries several types of vegetation, which are apt for living of tiger and its prey. Ramganga River together with lush green environment offer abundant prey for these wild tigers, which are not easily observed anywhere else. Apart from tigers, elephants and leopards are also found in a wide range in this park.

Smaller felines of Corbett National Park include jungle cats, fishing cats and leopard cats. Sambhar, hog, black buck and chital, sloth and Himalayan black bears, ghoral, and rhesus monkeys also have a home in this park. Water animals such as crocodiles and fishes also form the highlights of this place.

Why a Bird Sanctuary?

With an incredible natural environment, the park is also a home to a wide variety of national as well as migratory birds. Considered to be the best ecotourism tour place, Corbett features more than 580 species of birds. Many Corbett Hotels offers jeep safari so that you can get a close view of fantastic birds at the park.

Other Attractions in Corbett


Situated at the border of the Patli Dun Valley, it is a historic guest house built more than hundred years ago. At this rest house, tourists enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the valley.

Garjia Temple

Located at the banks of River Kosi, Garjia Temple is dedicated to the Garjia Devi, a popular Goddess of India. The temple takes you to the spiritual beauty of the country.

Elephant Safari

If you are on a Corbett tour, do not miss the adventurous elephant safari, which forms the major attraction of the Corbett National Park. On this royal safari, you are taken to the grasslands where you will have a look at the tigers and herds of wild elephants. Your eating and other needs are completely taken care of, on the safari.

The park is the best place to visit throughout the year, except monsoon season. Getting a Corbett tour is easy online. You’ll get numerous online tour operators offering various attractive Corbett tour packages. Go online and buy the one that best suits your requirements in all ways.

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