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Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Heading south or westEdit

For going south or west you can try the Raststaette Grunewald at 150m walking from the S-bahn station Nikolassee. Usually you will encounter some other hitchhikers. Normally you get a car at the gas-station within few minutes — at least a car to Michendorf!

An other option is the Aral gas-station at Kaiserdamm near the central bus-station. Take U2 to Kaiserdamm (if you come from direction Zoo) and go out in the driving direction. Leave the station on the left exit. After 50m there is the gas-station. It depends on the day. Sometimes it's very easy to get away, sometimes it's harder.

Rasthof Michendorf - just 30 minutes by RegionalTrain southwest of Berlin — is Hitchhikers' heaven. You easily get hitches to the south west as well as to the east (Poland). Take a train (for example RE3 to Dessau) from the centre (2.60 EUR) get off at Michendorf and find your way to the gas-station (map in front of the train station) which is surrounded by a wall — follow this wall and enter through an iron door!

Heading north / north east (Baltic Sea/North of Poland)Edit

Go to S-Bahn-station Pankow-Heinersdorf — there you're at the beginning of the Autobahn — just walk 200m down the bridge and you've got a traffic-light as well as a gas-station.

Heading north-west (Hamburg)Edit

If you want to hitchhike towards Hamburg or Schwerin on the A24 it is best to go with the U6 towards Alt-Tegel and get off at Kurt-Schumacher-Platz and then start walking towards the highway. About 2 minutes away from the U-Bahn station there is a Jet-gasstation. You can either ask the drivers who stop there or stand at the road right before it.

Heading south (Dresden)Edit

Go to S-Bahn-station Schöneweide, out of the station, turn right and after 300 meter you'll find two big gas stations — although the Autobahn is far away-these are mostly the last possibilities for cars to get petrol — was once crowded with hitchhikers but is normally empty now and works fine!

However the attendants at the gas station will ask you to look for your ride elsewhere and may even call the police. The road leading to the Autobahn is a no stopping zone, so the best solution is to stand near the Burger King, where a driver can pull in. Do not attempt to walk further up the road toward the Autobahn. There is no better spot.

Heading east (Poland)Edit

Rasthof Finkenplan — is hard to reach — best start from Michendorf!!

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