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Berkeley as viewed from Claremont

Berkeley is a city on the east shore of San Francisco Bay in northern Alameda County, California.

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  • The University of California, Berkeley- A beautiful and historic campus with a unique population.
  • Grizzly Peak- Breathtaking views of the East Bay and San Francisco.
  • The Campanile- Take an elevator ride up to see the entire UC Berkeley campus.
  • Greek Theater- Many of the greats have played here. It is best to see a show here, but check it out anyways.
  • Telegraph Avenue- Great street jewelry, art, and local culture.
  • Asian Ghetto- All types of Asian food at affordable prices. On Durant Ave.
  • Gourmet Ghetto- A little more pricey, but nice restaurants. Known for Chez Panisse and the counterculture food movement. On Shattuck near Rose & Hearst.
  • Fourth Street- An upscale shopping district in Berkeley. Here you can find various cafe's, Aveda, MAC makeup and the Discovery Store to name a few.
  • Strawberry Canyon- Great recreation place for runners, bikers and hikers.
  • Lawrence Hall of Science- Great place to take kids (and adults) to learn about science. Synonymous with Grizzly Peak.


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Getting to BerkeleyEdit

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART): The Richmond Train. If you get off at Downtown Berkeley, you will exit on Shattuck Ave. Telegraph can be reached via the 51 bus.

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  • Cancun Taqueria - Great Mexican food complete with cactus and mango salsa.


  • Hua Hin Thai Restaurant & Grill - 2190 Bancroft Way - The best Thai iced tea. A nice sit-down place (bring family or a date) with good service. Don't forget to rub the golden elephant for good luck on your way out!


  • Anne's Kitchen - 2498 Telegraph Ave. (510)548-8885- huge breakfasts!

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