Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya, a region in Spain (and France).

Getting into Barcelona from France[edit | edit source]

On the main highway from France to Barcelona, some cars are being stopped at the border for checks. While riding into Spain (Catalunya), there are several big restareas along that road. You can either ask your driver to stop you somewhere along that road at towns that have trainstations, such as Girona, or better Rubí or San Cugat, or get out off the car at a restarea for a ride into Barcelona. A ticket generally cost you between €1,20 (San Cugat/ Rubí) and €10 (Girona).

You can also try to get a ride to the Costa Brava, where there are many trainstations with trains to Barcelona. There is a trainservice along the coast all the way into Barcelona.

Going South or North: Valencia, Girona, Perpignan, France[edit | edit source]

Option 1: Take train S2 from Barcelona Plaça Catalunya to Sabadell-Rambla, and get off at station St. Joan (2 zones). It is another 10-15 minute walk to a good restarea at the AP7, the main highway to the North (Girona and France in direction of Perpignan) or South.

Get out of the station on the left side, and take the road that follows the railtrack. After a leftturn, take the third street to the right and follow this until you get on C/ de Bellaterra. You should be able to spot the restarea after less than a 5-minute walk from here. To hitch South, stay on that side, to hitch North, take the footbridge.

Option 2: Take the Renfe train to Castellbisbal station from Barcelona Sants (Line C4 to St. Vicente de Calders, platform 1, buy a 2 zone ticket), Plaça Catalunya or Arc de Triomf. Between the el Papiol station and Castellbisbal station look out of the window on the right side in the sense of going - you can see the highway and the petrol station.

From the Castellbisbal station (there's only one exit), take the left, there is footpath on the motorway (You will be going in the opposite direction of the Gas Station, but it's the only way to cross to the other side of some rails). Then the footpath slightly disappears but you'll see road to the left and further a road to the right (at a STOP sign), take this road to the right and follow it (the road soon turns into a paved road) right up to the gas station, where a small turning gate lets you pass the fence. To hitch North, cross the road via the footbridge. To hitch South, stay on that side of the road.

More information[edit | edit source]

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