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Al Bander Resort Bahrain, one of the Middle East's most popular tourist destinations

In establishing Bahrain as the regional trading centre of the Gulf, the people of Bahrain are no strangers to playing hosts to foreigners. The tradition continues and today visitors quickly discover that the Bahrainis are a generous, open, and gregarious people, with a warm welcoming for foreigners. Though Arabic is the official language English is widely spoken and is all you need for day to day living.

Bahrain offers a lifestyle that is cosmopolitan, safe, relaxed, and unsurpassed in the Arabian Gulf. From beach front villas to garden compounds and single bedroom flats, with new developments such as the Amwaj Islands, the choices are wide and varied. Bahrain Apartments of an acceptable western style range from approx. BD 600 per month.

There is a wide variety of goods available in the local shops comparable to that which you would find in the any modern city. There is a large choice of supermarkets which carry products from all over the world, most of the daily consumables that you have at home can be found, though you may need to do a little searching. New shopping Malls are being built on a regular basses and most of the High Street names from Europe and the UK are available, though the prices can be a little higher.

Bahrain is ideal for those who wish to raise families, for children Bahrain can be a magical Island, with the weather ideal for outside activities for most of the year. If you do not have a private pool or one on a compound, there is a choice of expatriate clubs which do. Apart from activities with the schools there are very popular Football, Rugby,Cricket and Netball practice on a weekly basses at the Rugby club, Horse riding at the Dilmun club, to name a few. Bahrain is great for water sports with various clubs offering boat mooring, there are some idyllic sandbanks around the island which are perfect to just escape to when boating.Other clubs include the British club in Adliya, the Bahrain Yacht club,Bahrain Golf Clubs include the Riffa Golf club near Awali, the Dilmun club is a family club in Saar.

Private Schools in Bahrain adhere to internationally accepted curricula including the British, American and the International baccalaureate, with the graduates being accepted by western universities and colleges. The schools on the island include the British School, Nadeen International school, St Christopher's, Asian School, Indian School, Japanese School, French school, Bahrain School. In addition, for Catholic students, there is Sacred Heart and several mixed elementary schools. It is advisable to register your children as soon as possible as with the tremendous growth Bahrain is experiencing they are filling up quickly. This link will take you to a list of all the private schools registered in Bahrain;Private Schools in bahrain

You are free to practice your religion in Bahrain with there being many Churches in Bahrain catering to most denominations, Temples, and a Jewish synagogue.

The Medical facilities and care are comparable to Western standards with good government hospitals and a selection of private hospitals to choose from. The Government is trying to make Bahrain the Gulf's Medical center with the Royal Collage of surgeons opening a purpose built training center on the Island.

The Bahrain Dinar (BD) is linked to the US$ @ BD0.378 to $1. One dinar is made up of 1000 fils.

Bahrain has a wide variety of first class restaurants with food from around the world and for every budget.

The weather in bahrain From late June to early September the temperature is very high, and this can be coupled with high humidity which can make it uncomfortable when outside. From October until May the climate is moderate with some lovely temperatures, comparable to a European summer. In late December until February a jumper can be required at night when outside, it also may rain.

Bahrain International Airport has worldwide connections, with the local airline, Gulf Air, flying to approx 50 destinations and new Bahrain airline Bahrain Air growing rapidly.The airport is also serviced by other premium carriers. This makes getting off the Island for a few days easy, with endless options for exploring the region and the world.Flights to Bahrain

Driving in Bahrain is relatively safe and orderly when compared to some other Gulf and Middle Eastern countries. The roads are not as crowded as neighbouring countries, though they are getting busier, and they are generally well maintained. Finding your way around is easy, the road sign's are in English and Arabic and the directions are clear. The driving is on the right, as in Europe, but if you have not driven in the middle east before, then I would suggest you take a little extra care.

Petrol is very reasonable at 80 fils and 100 fils per liter for the two types that are available. You will also find that new cars are cheaper than in Europe

Within the Gulf, Bahrain has become an entertainment centre with concerts, sporting and cultural events. Events include performances by western pop acts, travelling ballet and opera troupes, Arab musical stars, plays performed by international actors and exhibition sports matches.

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Manama has over 78 Hotels from budget to luxury 5 star. The most popular budget Hotel in Manama is probably The Grand Bahrain Hotel Manama at Off Exhibition Road, starting at about 19 BHD per night. The Ramada Palace Hotel Manama could be the pick of mid-range Hotels in Bahrain sterting from around 30 BHD a night, located at Gudaybiya Avenue . High-end travelers have made the Regency InterContinental Bahrain Hotel Manama top choice luxury hotel in Manama at King Faisal Highway, priced from 58 BHD, the Gulf Hotels and the Ritz Favourites.

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