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Henry and George Angel were soldiers serving under John C. Frémont during the Mexican–American War. When the California Gold Rush started, they tried their hand at prospecting, but decided they didn't like the labor involved, so they set up a trading post, which became a camp, and eventually a town. The placers around their camp were very productive but gave out after a few years and the population began to dwindle until Gold-bearing quartz veins were discovered in the town, which brought people back. Those mines operated for the next few decades, producing over $20 million worth of gold, processed by stamp mills in town. It was said that when the last mill finally ceased operations, the townspeople couldn't sleep, the silence was so loud. For more than ten years, Angels Camp has been known as the one-week "boot camp" for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. This is believed to be where the corps officially starts the summer-long season.

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