The old and new worlds side by side in Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria with a population of more than 3.5 million is the second largest city of Egypt, the largest one being the capital, Cairo. It is an ancient city founded by Alexander the Great, and was once upon a time as prosperous and significant city of the ancient world as Ancient Rome. In ancient times, the city's Lighthouse known as the Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The city is an important seaport on coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and was a thriving seaport, a distinction which it still has even today. The city's Library of Alexandria was the largest library of the ancient world, and presently the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the New Library of Alexandria, is an important library of the modern world.

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Alexandria and the regions around it extending almost to a place known as Marsa Matruh to the west has something like a Mediterranean feel. The place is comparatively cooler as compared to Cairo, the capital of Egypt. While in Alexandria, you may visit these places:

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Fort Qait Bey
  • Graeco-Roman Museum
  • Pompey's Pillar, the most well-known ancient monument which is still surviving.
  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Roman Catacombs (located at Kam-el-Shuqqafa)


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You have the option to move inside the city by hiring a taxi or taking a ride in the tram.


The yellow-black colours identify Alexandria's taxis and you may hire one to move inside the city. It is advisable to negotiate the rate before hiring as some taxi drivers are known to over-charge.


The city has a rather old tram system, laid in 1860s - nine tram lanes run parallel to each other and takes you to the coast. A tram generally will have three cars and the middle one is reserved for the women. A ride in the tram car is exciting way to move from point in the city to another point.

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  • Currency: Livre Egyptienne (LE) Egyptian pound (EGP)
  • Time zone: EET (UTC+2) [Summer (DST) - EEST (UTC+3]
  • Calling code: +20
  • Official language: Arabic and Masri


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