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• 12/2/2018

Any tips on exploring Leaf Lake Ski Trail?

Hello all,

I am planning to visit Algonquin Park during the month of December. I will be going with my wife. The only reason why we have chosen Algonquin Park for this vacation is she likes Skiing more than anything in her life. Since winter has already started and now the temperature has fallen below 0 degrees, I guess it's the right time to explore Leaf Lake Ski Trail. The problem is since it is winter we don't know whether there will be any lodges open this time around. I usually hear it is quite difficult to get hotel reservations in Algonquin park. Since Leaf Lake Ski Trail is situated next to the east gate, can someone please recommend me good lodges that are in that locality? Even though skiing is one of our favourite hobbies, it is going to be our first time at Leaf Lake Ski Trail. So, if you guys have any tips, please feel free to share.

Thank you

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• 11/1/2017

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• 11/1/2017


2 very inactive users (have not edited since 2013) hold bureaucrat. They are named Bot K and MiniTheFig. This is a post to ask whether a decision to remove these users exists so FANDOM staff meet policy and may remove these rights. I also propose the elevation of Ojjo to administrator at least or even bureaucrat. Even though I'm a new user I still propose that these actions should be evaluated and occur for the benefit of the community.
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